Custom Furniture Slipcover

Custom Furniture Slipcover

 Custom Furniture Slipcover

Custom Furniture Slipcovers provide an instant solution to an otherwise not so good looking piece of furniture.  Custom Furniture Slipcovers are a less expensive alternative to re-upholstery in most cases.  Consider the following tips in order to determine if your furniture is a good candidate for slipcover instead of re-upholstery.

– Is the frame and cushions of furniture structurally sound?
– Although the fabric may be worn out in some areas, is it still intact?
– Would you like an easy change in style for instance adding a skirt where there was none?
– Is there a possibility that you may one day want to go back to the original appearance of  the furniture?

-Do you want to be able to enjoy your perfect furniture while protecting it from every day abuse?

– Are you reluctant to let go of your furniture for the weeks a re-upholstery job will take?
– Would you like to have the ease of being able to easily remove the slipcover to have it washed or dry cleaned?
-Would you like to have a less expensive alternative to re-upholstery?

-Would you like to receive custom furniture slipcovers that fit well by mail?
-Do you already have slipcover(s) that you would like duplicated?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then custom furniture slipcovers will be a good choice for your furniture.

Our custom furniture slipcovers come with a separate slipcover for the cushion(s) and fit very well.  For our long distance customers, we offer SlipCover By Mail for most furniture styles if you are willing to provide us with some photos and measurements.  click here to find out more.

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