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Reupholstery Student Completes Class

Reupholstery Student Completes Class

Reupholstery Student Completes Class

Roxanne Johnson, an ambitious and hard working student successfully completes a 5 week beginners reuphostery class.  During this class, Roxanne learnt how to reupholster her side chairs.  She is the first graduate who completed two chairs during this training.  She faithfully traveled over an hour to each class and was always on time and ready to learn.  Roxanne already had great sewing skills before the class and this skill helped her a lot as  she learned to reupholster her chairs which required sewing in some areas.  Roxanne worked on the frame of the chairs alone by sanding and painting them after stripping off the old fabric.

I greatly applaud Roxanne for her continued hard work as she continues to use the skills she learned after graduation and completed dining room chairs as well.  She is currently working on a chaise lounge

Custom Furniture Slipcovers

Custom Furniture Slipcovers

Custom Furniture Slipcovers

Custom Furniture Slipcovers provide an instant solution to an otherwise not so good looking piece of furniture.  Custom Furniture Slipcovers are a less expensive alternative to re-upholstery in most cases.  Consider the following tips in order to determine if your furniture is a good candidate for slipcover instead of re-upholstery.

  • Is the frame and cushions of furniture structurally sound?
  • Although the fabric may be worn out in some areas, is it still intact?
  • Would you like an easy change in style for instance adding a skirt where there was none?
  • Is there a possibility that you may one day want to go back to the original appearance of the furniture?
  • Are you reluctant to let go of your furniture for the weeks a re-upholstery job will take?
  • Would you like to receive custom furniture slipcovers that fit well by mail?
  • Do you already have a slipcover you would like duplicated?
  • Would you like to have the ease of being able to easily remove the slipcover to have it washed or dry cleaned?
  • Would you like to have a less expensive alternative to re-upholstery

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then custom furniture slipcovers will be a good choice for your furniture.

Our custom furniture slipcovers come with a separate slipcover for the cushion(s) and fit very well.  For our long distance customers, we offer SlipCover By Mail for most furniture styles if you are willing to provide us with some photos and measurements.


Spring craft show

2016 Spring Craft Show

Abundant Living Interiors, LLC made her appearance at the 2016 Spring Craft Show at Garfield High School on Saturday.

Some of the items featured were lamps, lamp shades, chandeliers, bathroom sets, table runners, throw pillows, light sconces, tripod lamps, sunburst mirror and more.

Attendance was very good and we sold a number of items and set up appointments for custom design and decorating.

Restored family room2

Abundant Living Interiors gets new look

Abundant Living Interiors gets new look:

Our website gets a new look.  After over 10 years of having two html websites we have upgraded to a new WordPress site.  This new site does not only show the services we provide but also has DIYs to motivate you to find creative solutions to some of your inner space dilemmas.  This is a responsive website and adjusts itself to any device that is being used to view it.  You also have the opportunity to  comment and receive updates.  We are excited about sharing our creations and inspiration with you and hope you enjoy it.  Thanks to all who helped to make this a success.

Tell us what you think about our new site.

custom furniture reupholstery

DIY Re-upholstery Class

DIY Re-upholstery Class:

Enrolment for the October 2015  session of our Bring Your Own Chair DIY Re-upholstery Class has ended.  The 5 week session begun on Saturday October 17, 2015.

You are welcome to join our next session.   In this class, you will learn hands on how to re-upholster your own furniture using your side chair or occasional chair as a demonstration.  Some sewing skills may be needed if your chair has some sewing.

We do not yet have a date for the next session but you may register without including a payment and we will contact you when a date is set.

Read more to find out more about the class.