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Vanity Mirror Becomes Mirrored Tray

Vanity Mirror Becomes Mirrored Tray

Vanity Mirror Becomes Mirrored Tray:

Update.  I picked up an old mirrored vanity door from the curb last year and made a mirrored tray out of it.  I has been completed for some time now but I wanted to complete my display at the shop and place it in front of  it.

Now that I have completed my display, look at what I have made out of the old mirrored vanity door.


Old Mirrored Vanity Door Transformed

Old Mirrored Vanity Door Transformed

Old Mirrored Vanity Door Transformed:

I bike ride almost every morning and during one of my rides about a month ago, I saw an old mirror vanity on the curb ready for trash pickup.

I did not want the vanity but I was drawn to the mirrors.  They were in very good condition.  After my ride, I went home and took a screw driver and went to take only the mirrored doors off.  I had been thinking of making a mirrored tray for some time now.  At a time I least expected, my dream of making a mirrored tray will soon become a reality.

I am excited!  Stay in touch to see what becomes of this old mirrored doors.

DIY Free Home Decorating

DIY Free Home Decorating

DIY Free Home Decorating:

Many are not aware that craigslist is not just for jobs and to purchase used and new stuff locally but also to pick up free items.  Just as you can shop for things to decorate your home you can also “shop on the free” on Craigslist.  With a little patience and determination, you can decorate your home by getting most if not all the items on craigslist for free.  The photo above shows a few of the things I picked up for free and customized them to best suit the family room project I was working on.

In this post, I will share the transformation an old credenza went through to become a mirror mosaic top bar.

I will share the process the other items in the photo went through to become what they are today in future posts.

Some tips to follow when selecting free items on Craigslist are;

  1. Have in mind the kind of item(s) you are looking for.
  2. Determine the approximate size that will work for your space.
  3. Look through the free items frequently.
  4. Be quick and ready to go and pick up item(s) when you find it.
  5. Be patient, it may take longer than expected but do not give up, any day could be your day.
  6. Be capable of working on the item when you find it or communicate frequently with the one who may be making the modifications if needed.
  7. You may be lucky to find exactly what you want and it may not need any modifications.
  8. Mirrors are great to decorate spaces with and quite often mirrors are given out for free.  The key to selecting mirrors is, unless you are good at cutting mirrors, plan on having them cut to size if you do not find the size you want, or rather select mirrors that are as close as possible to the size(s) you are looking for.
  9. Avoid picking up a lot of stuff with the hope of modifying them for a purpose only for them to sit for years without doing what you planned.

 Read more to find out how this credenza was transformed into a mirror mosaic bar.